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UK Electrician Ltd provide many commercial electrical services throughout London. We can offer electrical installation systems, providing you with the complete package from design to installation including maintenance and repairs services. We carry out all of our commercial contract work to all current British regulations and standards. All of our services are carried out by a qualified electrician, ensuring that your company meets all electrical health and safety regulations.


We are one of the leading electrical agencies in London. We have been offering a variety of electrical services for over 10 years. Our services operate between testing and installation of electricity. Our engineers have maintained high quality services over the years. This is one of the reasons we are ranked among the top electrical Companies in London.


We have a team of engineers who have specialized in commercial electrical tasks. Handling of commercial electrical tasks is different from domestic ones. Commercial buildings are fully occupied by people. As a result, electricity in these buildings need to be properly installed and repaired, failure to which might result in heavy losses. In addition, regular testing is required. Our agency not only has qualified electrical engineers to handle the above tasks, but the necessary tools needed to deliver quality work.


Our company has a very strict recruitment protocol program. This program assists in hiring electrical engineers on merit. We ensure our shortlisted candidates are from recognized learning institutions.


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Our services

We offer electrical services for both new and old structures. Let us start off by looking at new commercial structures. Our agency offers unique services for new building owners. This ranges from designing and installation services among others. We have a wide range of designs to choose from, depending on the architectural design of your commercial building.

Moving on, our electrical experts also handle repairs and maintenance services. Our main aim is providing a safe working environment for our clients. This is the reason we select the most qualified electricians to handle specific tasks, based on their specialization. All our tasks met the standard levels set by the British regulations and standards commission.


Door Entry Systems and Locks

Here at UK Electrician Ltd in London we can fit any type of door entry system in order to help keep your property safe. There are a variety of locking systems that have different levels of security, and with our expertise we can advise what type of lock would be best for your company.


Stand-Alone Locks - These locks are one of the most common systems, used regularly in office buildings or to stockrooms in a shop. They can be accessed through either swiping a keycard, or inputting a code into a keypad. This is an extremely useful door entry system as it very quick to install, and can be up and working on the same day as it is installed. At UK Electrician Ltd, we are also able to repair any stand-alone locks, replacing any broken parts or keycards.


Proximity Reader - Another common door entry system that is used a lot in office buildings is a proximity reader. This uses a sensor connected lock and an electronic keycard. The sensor can register the presence of the card once it is a couple of feet away, and is easy to use and repair. Replacement parts are simple to set up, and any lost cards can be cancelled and the substitute card can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Let UK Electrician Ltd in London fit or repair your proximity reader, at anytime of the day or night, 7 days a week.

Biometric Systems - Biometric systems are easily one of the most secure ways to protect your property. By requiring either a hand or fingerprint, or a retinal scan, the biometric system stops anyone who is unauthorised from accessing your property. Whilst this form of door entry system is of the highest quality, it is also the most costly, and doesn’t suit a building that has a high volume of human traffic. Any broken equipment is also easy to repair or replace as the biometric information is stored on a central database.




Other Commercial Services


Here at UK Electrician Ltd we offer a variety of commercial electrical services, including light fittings, rewires and running supply cables to appliances. Whether your property is in need of electrical repairs, or a complete overhaul, we have the expertise and the experience to keep your electrics flowing.


We offer installation, repair and replacement services for common system. Stand alone locks can be installed in stockrooms and office buildings.

It is vital that all wiring in any property is kept up to date in order to make sure that it can carry the voltage required. Without these necessary changes, you run the risk of a fire. Here is a list of commercial electrical services that we offer:


Maintenance And Fault Finding
Testing Inspection And Electrical Reports
Lamp Replacement Service
Heating And Ventilation
Security Lighting
Telephone Point Installation
Installation Of New Lighting And Power Systems
Emergency Lighting Systems

  • If you are looking for any electrical work to be completed throughout the London area, give us a call on 08001930712 or 07949720712, or send us a message through our contact page.

Why choose us

We understand that there are many commercial electrician London service providers.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider our agency:

We have spent a lot of resources in purchasing the latest tools and technology to ensure we deliver quality services to our clients.

We enroll our electrical engineers in some electrical courses to help them understand new electrical trends.
This gives us an upper hand in handling latest electrical technology tasks.

We are among the most affordable commercial electrical London agencies.

Please note that this doesn’t affect the quality of services we deliver.

Contact us today and let experts take care of your commercial electrical needs.


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