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As part of our electrical service, we offer an emergency service for any electrical faults that you may have. Electricity doesn’t keep office hours, so neither do we. Night or day, mid-week or at the weekend, UK Electrician Ltd can call round to make sure that your electrics are working safely.


Electricity is an unpredictable element in that you can experience black out any moment. This can be really frustrating if you need electricity to carry out your daily activities. No need to worry, we got your back. We are one of the few electrical agencies in London that offer emergency electrical services.
Electrical faults can be frustrating. We have a team of electrical engineers on standby 24 hours a day to offer this service. Feel free to contact us, whether during the day or night, weekdays or weekends. We offer both commercial and residential emergency services.
Our agency has set up an emergency response team that is effective and capable of handling various tasks. This ranges from Faulty alarm systems, full power failure and other minor issues.


How do we offer this service?
It hasn’t been an easy task establishing this service. Here are a few things that enable us to provide electrical emergency services:


We have a reliable transportation system that allows our technicians to navigate through London and reach clients on time. Our team responds immediately upon being contacted.

Our agency has set aside a customer care department with a contact center. This makes it easy to answer clients’ calls when in need of emergency electrical services within London.

Our team always carries electrical tools. This makes it easy for our electrical engineers to properly diagnose the problem and effectively repair it. In addition, we have spent a lot of resources in acquiring the latest technology. The latest technology gives our experts and upper hand when it comes to handling electrical faults.


We offer full services in that we carry our own electrical equipment. We don’t ask our clients to purchase anything.


Our Company aims at keeping home owners not only comfortable, but also safe. This statement applies to all electrical connections. They range from lighting, cooking and heating among others. This also applies to commercial premises. We aim at helping our clients continue operating their businesses or services without any disruption. Our emergency response team has set aside a response time of one-hour on both commercial and residential properties.

Whether you are suffering from a full power failure, or just a faulty alarm, UK Electrician Ltd can be there to fix your issue anytime, anyday.

Why choose us 

Our agency has been in operation now for more than 10 years. In short, we understand everything about electricity .Here are a few reasons you should choose us over other London emergency response agencies in London:

We have a team of highly trained and experienced electrical engineers. Our human resource department has set up a strict recruitment protocol. This protocol has helped us over the years to hire the best experts. We hire employees on merit, based on qualification.

Secondly; we are in constant communication with our clients to ensure there are no problems after our response team has finished handling the stated task. Our response team can go back and check the situation if electrical problems arise.

Our latest technology gives us an upper hand compared to our fellow competitors. In short, we guarantee high quality services for all the tasks we handle.


Don’t suffer in silence. Contact us for any electrical emergency services in London, whether commercial or residential.




We know that keeping your home safe and comfortable requires a constant flow of electricity; for cooking food, turning on lights, or heating your home. There is nothing worse than having no power, which is why we’re as quick as lightning at getting to your property. With emergency response teams all over the London, we can offer a one-hour emergency response, for domestic or commercial properties.

If you are in need of an emergency electrical service for your business property or home in London, give UK Electrician Ltd a call on 08001930712 or 07949720712, or send us a message through our contact page.

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